Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Beginning [and the End]

[This Blog Has been Discontinued, but I enjoyed the lilting phrases from my misspent youth so I keep this singular post as a tribute to my past while directing you to my future.]

It's not that I can't spell, it is more that I chose to spell them wrong no more. Words are interesting appendages, like arms and hands, that stem from our mind... add more of them, words(appendages stemming from your mind), and you can get a better grasp on the world around you. My mind is full of interconnecting appendages that allow for a firm grasp but no real way to get a hold on an object because it is being pulled from so many directions.

I have come to conclude that this is a direct result of of the cacophony that is my life. A thousands strings tied to me at various points pulling in every direction... yet encouraging me to go in none. Choices are offered yet incentives are giving to do nothing instead of chose. Work. I am at work, and if I so chose I could be done with my work and on to more interesting endeavors... however, I chose to write the meandering thoughts that seem to drift lazily across the viewport of my mind. These thoughts are as varied and sometimes unintelligible as the ads that inundate societies couch bound viewers as they view endless programming.

Thoughts recede slowly from the tip of my tongue and find their way back into the depth that is sub concious, until another time...

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